Géorgio Bonelli was a physician and botanist who lived in Rome and taught medicine there.
“Hortus Romanus" by Georgio Bonelli, was a series of 8 large folios (54 x 38,5cm) published between 1772 and 1793. It seems Bonelli was responsible for only the first volume, then Niccolo Martello took over.
There are 299 hand coloured plates in the first three volumes, engraved by Maddalena Bouchard and painted by Cesare Ubertini.
This is a very rare publication, originally only 300 copies were printed of which only some were coloured.
Robert John Thornton (1768–1837) was an English physician and botanical writer, noted for “A New Illustration of the Sexual System of Carolus Von Linnæus” (1797-1807) and “The British Flora” of 1812.
The most ambitious part of the “New Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnæus” was Part III, the “Temple of Flora” (1799-1807), from which these illustrations are derived.
The first plates were engraved by Thomas Medland in May 1798, from paintings by Philip Reinagle.and Peter Henderson. Between 1798 and 1807, they produced a total of thirty-three coloured plates, engraved in aquatint, stipple and line. When he planned the project, Thornton had decided to publish seventy folio-size plates.
Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert (1780 to 1860) was a German physician and naturalist.
His book “Naturgeschichte Des Pflanzenreichs” (Natural History of Plants) was published by Schreiber, Esslingen/Germany in 1887.
These image originated from the 1905 edition of this book, and have been isolated and aesthetically optimised to produce this range of prints.
These images originate from a book by Berthe Hoola van Nooten,published by Librairie C. Muquardt in Brussels, 1885.
The eight colour lithographs are by P. Depannemaeker.